Gaining Self Confidence

I recently read a great blog post on “,” a website dedicated to helping their readers improve their lives. The blog is called “5 Secrets for Building Self Confidence.” The blog had some great tips on how to quickly gain self confidence, which is important in many aspects of life (the workplace, sports, and even relationships.)

Most of the tips focused on keeping a good attitude. Staying positive, and trying to see the good in everything is important in gaining confidence because it allows you to believe in yourself, and everything that you do. When you truly believe in yourself, you are more likely to make great progress in life.

I especially liked the tip that asked readers to stop trying to make the world perfect. As Hannah Montana once said, “Nobody’s Perfect!”

In all seriousness though, nobody and nothing is perfect, and being able to embrace this fact can be a tremendous help in achieving self confidence. Yes, sometimes you will stumble and fall, or do something embarassing in front of a whole lot of people, but that happens to everybody.

So, think positive thoughts and embrace the imperfectness of life, and self confidence will soon find you!

Thank you, “Pick the Brain” for some great pointers on confidence! Check out their website for more tips on motivation, and self-improvement!


nothing is perfect


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