Strive for the A!

Trying hard in school and getting good grades is perceived to some people as “uncool” or “lame”, but striving for that A can be the deciding factor in whether you will get into a good collage; and whether you will be successful later in life.  Whether you want to live on the streets or at your mom’s house your whole life is totally up to you, but not trying in school because it is uncool is not the best idea if you are striving to become rich and famous when you are older (which most kids want to be.)  Getting into collage can be a VERY stressful time for teens, but the only thing you can do is try your best, study, and not let anyone tell you it is “uncool.”  According to the New York Times In 2013 only 65.9% of high school seniors had enrolled in collage by October.  The lowest proportion since 2003.

I have a few tips on how to stay focused with your eyes on the prize and how to stay calm.

  1. Do your homework.  Homework is worth a lot more points then you think.  Doing homework can give you easy points and help prepare for the next test or quiz.
  2. Once you get home from school get a snack and start your homework.  Starting your homework right away will keep you more focused and less likely to get distracted.  Also by doing your homework first you will have all the material fresh in your mind and once you have completed it you are stress free the whole rest of the night.
  3. DON’T PROCRASTINATE!  This is probably the biggest point i am trying to share with you.  Procrastinating will just give you more stress.
  4. When studding for a test take brakes.  Don’t just stare at a screen or book for two hours.  Study for thirty minuets then take a break for ten and so on and so forth.
  5. Don’t overwhelm yourself with to many things.  Only peruse activities you know you can handle and stay stress free with.  Don’t over book yourself this will cause major stress.
  6. Lastly stay positive.  Not just about school about everything in life. Positivity is the stepping stone to success.



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