Where Beauty Lies

What is beauty? What makes something beautiful? Is beauty the face of a common actor or actress or is beauty in the clothes we wear? Beauty lies in many places. Beauty can be found in people. It can be found in their qualities, their stories, their personality. Some of the most beautiful things are the things we do for others.

Some people’s stories are found here.

One example:

“Today, I have been a counselor for foster care children for almost 15 years. This afternoon I ran into one of my previous foster children I hadn’t seen in over 5 years. About 10 years ago, on a day he was really upset and mad at life, I drew him a sketch of a superhero and wrote him a note on an index card about how he is a superhero and that superheroes always rise up and win in the end. I saw him today as I walked past the local fire station. He’s now a fire fighter. He recognized me as I walked by and ran up to me. We talked for about a half hour, and then before we parted ways he took his wallet out of his pocket and pulled out the superhero index card I made for him when he was a kid. MMT”

Beauty is also found in nature. Sometimes, life can be too stressful. But to relieve our stress we go home and sit in front of our HD scenes and pretend like everything is okay. But the only true HD is out in the real world remembering the beauty of life, change, and possibility. 

But most of all beauty is in the moments. Beauty is getting stuck in the rain and deciding to leap in all the rain puddles. Beauty is a child welcoming his father home from his duty spent fighting for his country. Beauty is men who have men stuck in a mine shaft for months and still maintaining human kindness (read more here!). Living in the moment is the place where beauty lies and we should all cherish it while it last. Don’t be afraid to get stuck in the rain or embrace the ones you love. Find beauty where you wouldn’t expect it most.

–  AR


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