That one feeling you just can’t let go and who was able to obtain it beautifully

It’s that feeling you get as you take a victory lap, it’s that feeling you get as you hit that fast ball, it’s that feeling you get as you finish your favorite book. What is that feeling? The feeling of “the zone.” How do you know when your in the zone? Well it really depends on the person. Baseball players claim that when their in the zone the pitch slows down and the ball becomes bigger, they are unable to hear a thing. Basketball players say that the world slows down and that they can see the other players hands moving towards the ball in slow motion. When are you in the zone?

Shawn Mendes who became famous through vines, carried himself to the top 100 on the itunes hit list with “Something Big” which explains the zone perfectly.  In his song he says:

“It’s like that feeling when you’re just about to kill it,
Take your last shot you know you’re gonna hit it.

Read more: Shawn Mendes – Something Big Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Not only could he sing about the zone but man was he in it creating this song!

You can find the complete lyrics above as well as the official music video bellow. Good Luck finding your own zone!



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